Thank You to Alastair Clark

Dogmersfield Parish Council would like to place on record its sincere thanks to Alastair Clark for over 25 years service as a Councillor with us.

During his time representing the interests of the residents of Dogmersfield, he has been a Councillor while many significant projects, events and initiatives have taken place. These include the introduction of our very first website, the development and approval of the Dogmersfield Neighbourhood Plan and the fending-off of several invasive development projects.

Mr. Clark has also represented Dogmersfield Parish Council on many additional bodies and organisations, including Hart District Association of Parish and Town Councils.

The village of Dogmersfield and the demographic of its residents have evolved significantly during Mr. Clark’s tenure and we believe we represent the sentiments of residents old, new and future when we thank him for all he has contributed to the village we live in and love today.

New Parish Council Logo Competition

Our current Parish Council logo has been in use for over 20 years. We would like to give it a bit of a refresh so are launching a competition to help us create a new logo.

This competition is open to children of primary school age (4-11) on the 1st January 2021, who either attend Dogmersfield School, or are residents in the Parish of Dogmersfield.

The logo must feature imagery, wording or icons that relate to features of the village/Parish or their history and origins. Any buildings featured should be visible from public thoroughfares.

For information, the current logo took inspiration from the origins of the name ‘Dogmersfield’, the Anglo-Saxon name of ‘doke’, meaning ‘waterlily’, ‘mere’ meaning ‘pond’, or ‘lake’, and ‘feld’ meaning ‘piece of land’. Combined, this is ‘the land by the lake where the waterlilies grow’.

The logo must be 2D and should include colour.

Colours should at some point include green, to be consistent with the Dogmersfield School colours, and the DPC website (which has taken the colours from the school). Additional colours are at the discretion of the designer.

Entries should be done on an A4-sized page.

Entries can be done in the form of a physical entry or an electronic file,

Simplicity is encouraged.

For reference, here are the logos of a few other local Parish Councils:

(Winchfield)    (Odiham)

How To Enter

  1. For Dogmersfield School Pupils – all entries should be submitted to your teacher.
  2. For Dogmersfield residents – please submit electronic entries to, and physical entries to:

Mr G Chisnall, Lords & Ladies, Chatter Alley, Dogmersfield, RG27 8ST

Closing date for entries is 6pm on Friday 19th March 2021.

A shortlist of 3 entries will be announced in the Q2 Parish Council Newsletter, to be circulated in April. From this, Parishioners will be asked to vote for their favourite, which will result in an outright winner. This winner will be announced in the Q3 (July) Newsletter.

NOTE: Dogmersfield Parish Council reserve the right to adapt and amend the winning entry to ensure it is versatile and can be used across multiple platforms and media.



Use of your winning logo across all Dogmersfield Parish Council communications and website.

1 x £25 book token


2 x runners up will each win a £10 book token.

Please remember to include the name and age of the entrant with all entries

Defibrillator Training

From time to time, we will be organising training for any Parishioners who want to attend, on how to use the defibrillator located behind the Queens Head pub.

For anyone interested in this, please send an email to to be added to the and be notified when the next course is being scheduled.

For more information on what’s covered in the training, please see this document from the Community Heartbeat Trust

Questionnaire – Summary of Results

Thank you to all residents who participated in the questionnaire we circulated last November. We had a 30% response rate, which is far more than we expected. Your responses help give us direction in where we concentrate our efforts and expenditure over the coming months and years.

Details on the responses we received can be viewed here



Just a quick reminder that anyone wanting to complete the Parish Council Questionnaire, we would ideally like all responses in by this Sunday 15th November.

You can respond using the physical questionnaires delivered to every residence (return address is included in the accompanying letter)  or it can be completed online here.

We thank you in advance for your responses.

The Parish Council

New Article About Dogmersfield on Hampshire Live Website

Hampshire Live, the news and reviews website that covers all things Hampshire, has today posted an article on Dogmersfield.

Slightly unimaginatively entitled “Dogmersfield is a beautiful little-known Hampshire village with thatched cottages” the article touches briefly on the village’s history and covers the pub, church, school, Four Seasons Hotel, as well as the numerous historical and thatched cottages that appear in the village.  It also incorrectly states there are “…a few shops there.”

Accompanying images include views of the Basingstoke Canal, some of the village’s houses, as well as some of the Protected Views, as covered in our recently adopted Neighbourhood Plan.

To read the article in full, click here.

Large-Scale 5 Year Tree Planting Project launched in Dogmersfield

At a recent Council meeting, the Parish Council of Dogmersfield made a historic commitment to undertake a programme of tree planting in the parish. This commitment came about after a group of local residents suggested the scheme as to way to maintain the rural nature of the parish, to contribute to national efforts to combat climate change and to compensate the local environment where significant trees have been removed in recent years to facilitate house building.

As part of the commitment, the Parish Council have signed up to the National Tree Charter and agreed to plant at least one tree per household in the parish every year for the next 5 years.  This programme has been further complimented by a generous grant from Hampshire County Councillor, David Simpson who has promised to match the funding for planting in year one so that double the number of trees can be planted.

The National Tree Charter sets out 10 principles which Councils should aim to support and which include the need to sustain landscapes rich in wildlife, plant for the future and to protect trees and woods and make them accessible to all.  The Dogmersfield residents hope to plant a variety of indigenous trees which will be supplied from the Woodland Trust who have advised the Council on appropriate trees for the area.  This is likely to include English Oaks, Beech, Blackthorn, Hawthorn and Elder.

The Council is now looking for interested landowners within the Dogmersfield Parish who have land available where trees can be planted. Any landowner within the Parish who can accommodate at least 10 trees can contact the clerk ( or Councillor Fillis ( who will be happy to discuss the project further with them.  Landowners will be able to work with the Council to choose the trees that are most appropriate in their setting and the Council will fund and plant the trees that are chosen.

It is hoped that this programme of planting can help to maintain and retain the rural nature of the parish and to provide an environment that sustains wildlife and protects natural spaces for generations to come.

Dogmersfield’s Phone Box Becomes a “Life-Saver” For The Local Community

In 2012, the British Coatings Federation partnered with BT and the Community HeartBeat Trust in a nationwide scheme to install life-saving defibrillators in rural phone boxes.

Dogmersfield is delighted to become the latest in a long list of Parish Councils to take advantage of this scheme for the benefits of residents and visitors to the parish.

Dogmersfield adopted their iconic red phone box for just £1 some years ago and has now allocated the necessary funds to install a defibrillator, which can deliver vital medical treatment in the first crucial minutes following a cardiac arrest. Dogmersfield Parish Council wish to thank Councillor David Simpson from Hampshire County Council who helped support this scheme with a generous grant towards to the costs and PPG Architectural Coatings Ltd who have offered to provide free paint to renovate the phone box.

Following a cardiac arrest the chances of survival drop dramatically every minute.  The UK Resuscitation Council recommends that a defibrillator should be available when medical treatment is more than five minutes away, which would include most rural locations in the UK.  Inside the phone box, in place of the telephone unit, the defibrillator is housed in a lockable steel box.  When someone calls 999, they will be told there is a defibrillator in the local phone box, and will be given the code to open the box. Once the electrode pads are attached to a casualty, the defibrillator will identify if a ‘shock’ is needed and will instruct the rescuer using step-by-step voice instructions.

The community of Dogmersfield now have this vital equipment on hand if ever needed.