Dogmersfield Parish Council

Working together for Dogmersfield

This is the website for the Parish Council of Dogmersfield


Graham Chisnall

Telephone 01252 620157



Co-ordinates the work of the Council and maintains a working knowledge of current and evolving planning regulations and local development plans and issues.


Planning Officer and Newsletter & Communications


Considers and proposes the Council’s reaction to all planning applications that affect the Parish in accordance with the Planning Protocol Schedule.

Ensures that residents are aware of the work of the Council and how the Council is responding to matters that impact the Parish including use of media such as newsletters and the Council’s website.

Provides opportunities to brief residents on key matters and to ensure that residents can make their views known to the Council.


Alastair Clark

Telephone 01252 615498



Highways and Liaison with other Councils and related bodies


Ensures that maintenance and other matters affecting the roads, verges and footways are addressed, liaises with the highways authority on improvement and other initiatives and with Hart District Council, other Parish Councils and relevant organisations such as HALC and HDAPTC.

Brian White

Telephone 01252 620782



Address environmental issues and identify opportunities to protect or enhance the local environment.

Scope these and other projects that can potentially attract external funding such as Community Infrastructure Levy and Section106.

Draw up business cases for all major projects or other matters affecting the Parish that clearly identify the issue, solution options (including do nothing) and proposed way ahead. Such cases will support decision making and consultation with residents when appropriate.

Jane Houston

Telephone 01252 626797

Footpath Officer


Ensures that maintenance and other matters affecting the public footpaths and rights of way are addressed including liaison with Hampshire County Council on such matters.


Chair of Community Benefit Fund Management Group


Parish Clerk








Councillors can be contacted by e-mail at    “Firstname”

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